Our Work

We focus our strengths in helping the families of small coffee producers, notably improving their living conditions.

Together we make a difference.

Education is first

The COHONDUCAFE Foundation has built 4 schools in different areas of the country, specifically in the departments of Yoro and Comayagua.


To our technical personnel and coffee producers of the different areas, where they receive constant training from our team of agronomists.

Climate Change

We work on advising the producers of climate change effects in production and our environment, teaching good practices that conserve the ecosystems.

What do the producers say?

"We will take into consideration the assistance that we have received. Thanks to the advice that you have given us that we didn’t do before and now we’re convinced that we will improve".

Mr. German Giore Subirana, Yoro

"Now with the help from the technicians that have visited us and all the knowledge that they teach us we will be able to improve our farm."

Ms. Digna Lopez Concepción, Copán

"There are several animals here, even deers are still found since we are taking care of the environment."

Mr. Encarnacion Madrid Atima, Santa Barbara

About Us

We are a non-political, non-discriminatory, non-profit social projection entity, whose main objective is to promote social and environmental sustainability of agricultural activities through constant support to producers and their communities.

"Hand by hand with the coffee producer."

Last Publications

Sustainable Coffee Challenge May 2017
Agreement Signature Procambio GIZ April 2017


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