Responsabilidad Social

Social Responsability

In the social area, the COHONDUCAFE Foundation contributes to the construction of schools in rural areas and educational kits for the students.

Responsabilidad Social

Technical Assistance

Its mission is to provide technical assistance and training for coffee growers across the country. Implementing training days of different subjects throughout the entire year.

Responsabilidad Social

Gender Equity

Tireless struggle for the integration of women in the coffee value chain, empowering them in all activities of the farm and ensuring equity in all areas for personal growth.

Recent Projects

Thanks to COHONDUCAFE Foundation's work, living conditions of many coffee producing families are improving.


Environmental Responsibility

"In fulfilling the objectives of the creation of COHONDUCAFE Foundation, to obtain the sustainable development of coffee in Honduras, we work hard on the pillar of environmental sustainability, trying to obtain a balance of a harmonious relationship between the coffee communities and the nature that surrounds them. This implies achieving results of economic growth, without becoming a hazard to natural resources like water, soil and forest. Which is why we work with reforestation programs on coffee farms with the objective to grow coffee under an agroforestry system and protecting the watersheds that cross the farms."

Ing. Edgar Joel Castro | COHONDUCAFE Foundation's Projects Manager

Our Work

12 Departments

The efforts of the Foundation extend to 12 out of the 15 departments that produce Coffee in Honduras. The goal is to assist more producers every day.

70 Technicians

Specialized in Coffee and with experience in training in fields and socio-environmental certifications. Prepared with advanced technology to help them reach their goals.

8 Projects

In execution, promoting the sustainability in the Coffee industry and environmentally friendly activities, assuring that Coffee culture in Honduras prevails and improves even more.

71,335 Beneficiaries

Throughout the country, making an effort to have a greater impact, therefore aiding more coffee growing families through our sustainability projects, improving the life quality of our producers.

About Us

We are a non-political, non-discriminatory, non-profit social projection entity, whose main objective is to promote social and environmental sustainability of agricultural activities through constant support to producers and their communities.

"Hand by hand with the coffee producer."

Last Publications

Sustainable Coffee Challenge May 2017
Agreement Signature Procambio GIZ April 2017


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